Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mindfulness and meditation can help relieve stress.

Technology has enhanced life beyond all wild expectations, but many people have a hard time ‘unplugging’ from the information overload in order to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Missing a call, text or email seems like it would be catastrophic; what did people do before cell phones?

A perfect way to unwind, de-stress and disconnect is through cultivating a mindfulness practice. This can come in many forms; whether it’s through meditation or simply taking a few moments out of the day to do some deep breathing. The whole point is to bring attention to the present moment, to experience life as it really is. Many people find themselves living in either the past or the future, and they forgo the opportunity to create real change and happiness in the present--being mindful can help change that.

A mindfulness practice can also include a multitude of ways to meditate. Meditation is the act of bringing one’s thoughts to the present and it can be done through chanting, focusing on the breath, repeating a mantra or simply being quiet. You don’t meditate to become better at the act of doing it, it’s done so that you are more present in your daily life. It brings attention to what the repetitive thoughts are that come up, and becoming aware of how they are affecting your life. It’s an amazing way to take inventory and hopefully relieve some deeply rooted stress.

August 31, 12:50 PM Central Jersey Natural Health Examiner Stephanie Martel


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